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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you sell or provide?
2. How do I purchase the products?
3. How long will it take for the products to be delivered to me?
4. How I know if my payment was successful or not?
5. Do you provide Certification or How I will get my certification?
6. Which certification is best for me?
7. Can I pass actual certification exam with Questions & Answers Product only?
8. I have forgotten my Password or system is not accepting password? What should I do?
9. How secure is your website & Is my credit card information secure at your site?
10. How can I get Discount?
11. How often are your products updated?
12. How do I receive my updates?
13. Do I need special software to view the exams?
14. Are updates free or do I pay more for updated exams?
15. How current are these exams?
16. What if I found any incorrect entry in your material?