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TrainingForExam assure the money back guarantee to our customers. Because our exam preparation material is according to real exam structure and fulfill all the requirement of the exams. We are so confident about our efforts that we provide money back guarantee to our customers. It means that if any customer unfortunately fails to pass the exam, then the unsuccessful candidate can take his full money back. But we are so confident about our products that you will not need to ever use this guarantee. No one ever has.
However: If you fail the corresponding exam. We will refund you total money you paid.
It should be noted that this "Guarantee" is to make sure that TrainingForExam products do not contain any flaws in them, and we deliver what is promised.
TrainingForExam is dedicated to providing the most complete and comprehensive IT Training Materials for all your IT exams. As after using our training material you’ll be able to knock down the certification easily. We follow this golden rule “if our customers get achievement then we feel it is our achievement”.
TrainingForExam 100% Guarantee you that you will pass your exams right away.
TrainingForExam guarantees that you will pass your next exam if you purchase and use our actual questions and answers to prepare. Our experts prepare and arrange the exams material in that point of view a customer's precious time spent should be minimum and they must gain maximum knowledge.

Payment Refund Procedure:
Our "payment refund procedure" is quite simple and we will require following information from you:
1.         Send us scanned copy of "enrollment slip" in certification exam.
2.         Send us Scanned copy of your Result/Score Report.
3.         Order number of product purchased from us.
4.         Name and Payment method
5.         Order Description (Exam Code)
our email is:

Cases for which Refund Of exam cannot be claimed:
Please Note: The Money-Back Guarantee is not applicable on the following cases:
  • Date limitations:
Any failure case within a week of purchase will not be entertained. (We highly recommend the candidates to take at least 7 days to prepare for the exam with study material provided by TrainingForExam)
If you write two exams in one day, and you happen to fail one or both of your exams. TrainingForExam will not refund your order.
  •  Incorrect purchase:
TrainingForExam will not refund a purchase if the customer claims he made the wrong purchase.
  • Name should be matched:
TrainingForExam also not refund your money in that case if candidate name is not matched with the name on "enrollment slip"
  • Outdated purchase:
The money back guarantee is not valid in case the orders or purchases of those exams which are outdated and are not available at the current time.
  • Expired order(s):
There is no refund on claiming after of 30 days from the purchase date.
  •  Free or bundles exam:
Bundles or packages acquired are not covered in our money back guarantee, also not if the exam is acquired cost free or at special prices like discounts.

Please Note: For those who give up the right of claiming a refund but want to exchange for another exam,
TrainingForExam will provide two free exams for compensation.

After you have requested your refund and we have received all of the information above. TrainingForExam will arrange the refund within 7 working days after receiving the email and confirming all of the details! There is ABSOLUTELY NO RISK!!!